Adrenalina 5.0 award



    1. "PREMIO ADRENALINA" PROMOTER is ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE ADRENALINA with the cooperation of international organizations and associations operating in the sector.
    2. PREMIO ADRENALINA is a competition that takes place every 2 years (with some special editions) and aims at promoting contemporary Artists and art in all its forms enhancing the connection among art, society, solidarity, tourism and business. The competition is divided into 4 CREATIVE AREAS, 3 categories for each area.
    3. Like in every edition, PREMIO ADRENALINA includes artwork installations in prestigious locations (in the last few years the winners’ Works were exhibited in via di San Teodoro old Jewish Market in Rome, Italy, in the Capitoline Museum, in "CENTRALE MONTEMARTINI" Rome Italy, in Macro Spazio Factory La Pelanda Rome Italy, in Marino Museo Civico) and it also includes the production of a catalog (6th edition this year).
    4. PREMIO ADRENALINA winners will be awarded during the final event or in a dedicated one (“Evento di Premiazione” "the Award Event") and will be exhibited in dates and places communicated to the participants and to national and international media 30 days before.
    5. Registration to the 5.0 edition is open since the 2nd february 2018 and expires on the 31st December 2018. (in exceptional cases the closing date may be extended according to the exhibition time schedule).
  2. Art. 2 – THEME

    1. The theme which Artists must be inspired to is "EROS and THANATOS".

    1. All nationalities Artists, wherever they live, can participate to the competition, as long as they are 18 at the time of registration and in compliance with paragraph 8 procedures.

    1. Authorities responsible for this competition are the Jury (composed of prestigious and representative members) and the Curatorial Committee.
    2. Curatorial Committee members are chosen by ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE ADRENALINA and are part of the Jury by right.
    3. Jury decisions are incontrovertible and unquestionable.
    4. PROGETTO ADRENALINA is headed by Ferdy Colloca who is the CURATOR and the ARTISTIC DIRECTOR; the scientific director is Carla Cace.

    1. The competition is divided into 4 Creative Areas:
      • Classical painting, Sculpture (area 1);
      • Photography, Videoart and Electronic Music Videos, Digital Painting, Graphic Arts (area 2);
      • Body Art, Creative Performance, Installations and Street Art (area 3);
      • Published or unpublished poetry, narrative and non-fiction (area 4).
      Each participant must specify his single Creative Area or if wants to participate in more Creative Areas with different Works paying the basic registration fee + one quota each additional Opera loaded.
    2. In each Creative Area the participants are divided into 3 categories named "GOLD", "SILVER" and "NEW PROPOSALS".
      • The GOLD Category is for Artists already in activity in Italy or abroad. These Artists’ curricula must include important museum or galleries both public and private or relevant art critics' reviews as for contemporary art; books published with national or international editorial groups as for poetry and literature; cds and music videos producted with national or international record companies as for electronic music. For the registration in this Category the Curator Committee also takes into consideration art galleries references or other curators’ ones.
      • The SILVER Category is free registration, in compliance with paragraph 8 procedures. This Category is for Artists who have at least one important personal or collective exhibition or concert and / or other important events.
      • The NEW PROPOSALS Category is also free registration, in compliance with paragraph 8 procedures, and it’s for all Artists with not yet artistic relevant experiences.
      It’s also possible to participate with an installation by several Artists, named "PROJECT". artistic relevant experiences.
      Curatorial Committee unquestionably resolves which of these 3 categories each Artist will enter in, for this reason we recommend at the registration to fill in the BIOGRAPHY space the most details possible.
      It’s also possible to participate with an installation by several Artists, named "PROJECT".
  6. Art. 6 – THE WORKS

    1. The basic selection criteria for the Works are: relevance to the theme, quality, research and innovation. Each Artist can participate with just new Works or previously realized.
    2. For visual art the size of Works may range within the maximum dimension allowed: 3x3x3 meters. The other formats are: mp3 for music files, links or/and available downloading supports for videos and music videos; word test for literary Works; photos or/and explanatory videos for Street art and Body art.
    3. Each Artist must indicate the title of his own Opera and a short explanation of its connection to the theme of this competition, then he have to specify the technique he used, the size of his Opera and must also send files for any paper publication, in high resolution too.
  7. Art. 7 – THE AWARDS

    1. Jury selects the winners for each Category and Creative Area, for total 36 awards divided into:
      • GOLD Category: TROFEO SPECIALE ADRENALINA, one each Creative Area, for total 4 awards;
      • SILVER Category: 1 PREMIO ACQUISTO each Creative Area for total 4, and 2 TROFEO SPECIALE ADRENALINA each Creative Area, for total 8 awards;
      • NEW PROPOSALS Category: 5 TROFEO SPECIALE ADRENALINA each Creative Area for total 20 awards.
      All the Works participating to this competition automatically contribute to PREMIO ONLINE: 1 trophy will be awarded to the most voted Opera on www.adrenalina.roma.it within the terms specified on the website itself; each visitor can express just a single preference. Any multiple votes will be automatically excluded. Marketing companies are not allowed or/and votes purchase too. The organization reserves the right to verify the online vote is correct by any means.

      "PREMIO SPECIALE ADRENALINA GALLERY" will be awarded by prestigious italian and foreign art galleries jury.
    2. PREMIO ACQUISTO means that the winners assume to give up the organization their Works and all the rights connected therefor, including the right to publish the image and the right to economic exploitation while maintaining the right to be recognized as the authors of the Opera.
    3. All Artists participating to this competition grant explicit authorization to online and paper publication of their Opera and are directly responsible for any content posted on www.adrenalinaproject.com.
    4. According to art. 30 D.P.R. 600/73, all the awards are subject to withholding tax and ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE ADRENALINA assumes to not reveal on the tax payer.

    1. GOLD Category is by invitation: the organization gives the participants a coupon code to register; participation is free a part from any ordinary costs due to shipping, delivery and collection the Opera if exposed.

      For SILVER and NEW PROPOSAL Categories there is a tax on secretarial expenses according to the time of registration:
      • € 30.00 (thirty euros) from the 2nd february to the 31st march 2018;
      • € 50.00 (fifty euros) from the 1st april to the 30th june 2018;
      • € 60.00 (sixty euros) from the 30th june to the 30th august 2018;
      • € 70.00 (seventy euros) from the 1st september to the 31st December 2018;
      PAYMENT must be ONLINE on the official website and it is completed at the time of registration, with the full acceptance of this Regulation.

      It’s possible to participate in more Creative Areas with different Works paying € 10.00 (ten euros) supplement each additional Opera, wichever is the Creative Aerea.
    2. Registration consists of fill out completely an online form on www.adrenalinaproject.com, entering the required data and making the regular payment. We recommend:
      • to insert a short explanation of the connection between your Opera and the theme of this competition;
      • to insert a complete Curriculum Vitae atque Studiorum indicating any artwork exhibition carried out;
      • to insert the base price if you want to sell your Works uploaded in the GALLERY not in competition (ADRENALINA PROJECT new Advisory Service)
    3. By completing the Registration Form, each Artist:
      • entirely accepts the PREMIO ADRENALINA Regulation;
      • grants the paternity, full availability and exclusive ownership of his own Opera;
      • assumes to give up the organization his own Opera and all the rights connected therefor including the right to publish the image and the right to economic exploitation;
      • assumes that ADRENALINA is allowed to reproduce and use the image of his own Opera and/or his own Registration Documents, entirely or partially, directly or through third parties, for economic, advertising and / or promotional purposes, by publication on media or any other kind of support including Competition website (www.adrenalinaproject.com), without limitations and/or exceptions;
      • assumes full and direct responsibility for his own Opera content;
      • assumes incomplete and / or not in accordance with this Regulation Documents causes the exclusion from PREMIO ADRENALINA;
      • authorizes ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE ADRENALINA to not return the image of his own Opera and / or his own Registration Documents;
      • authorizes ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE ADRENALINA the processing of personal data in compliance with the following article 11 this Regulation, according to D.lgs. 196/ the 29th july 2003;
      • assumes Jury decisions are incontrovertible and unquestionable also about the selection of finalist and winning Works;
      • assumes ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE ADRENALINA is free from any third parties claims about his own Opera and / or its reproduction, publication and / or economic exploitation;
      • assumes his own Opera would be excluded from PREMIO ADRENALINA if totally or partially copied or if violating human right.

    1. All finalist Works will be published in the catalog (6th edition now) available during the award event and distributed by ADRENALINA chosen publisher.
    2. The awards event, the exhibition inauguration and the traveling exhibitions of the winning Works will take place between 2018 and half 2019,an important exhibition step is already foreseen PALAZZO VELLI Trastevere ROMA, except unpredictable events and causes of majeure force.
      ADRENALINA will contact the winners by e-mail to provide the instructions to send their own Works.
    3. All the awards must be collected no later than 30 days from the award date.

    1. According to art. 13 D.lgs. 196/ the 30th june 2003 personal data and images are processed also by electronic means for the purposes and activities connected to PREMIO ADRENALINA, including exhibitions and publication both on the website www.adrenalinaproject.com and on the catalog in compliance with legal obligations.
    2. Artists of this competition can decide about their personal data processing according to art. 7 of the abovementioned D.lgs
    3. ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE ADRENALINA is the data processing holder.
  11. Art. 11 – APPLICABLE LAW

    1. This competition rights and obligations are governed by Italian law.
    2. PREMIO ADRENALINA falls outside the application of D.P.R. 430/ the 26th october 2001 about "Regulation concerning the organic revision of competitions and awards events, as well as of local events, according to article 19, paragraph 4, of L. 449/ the 27th december 1997 ", as it is aimed at the production of Artistic Works and theawards are paid for the performance or the Artists' personal merit, or are intended for institutions of public nature or that have social purposes according to art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. a) and e) of the abovementioned D.P.R. 430/2001.