The Beginning - 2, 100x100cm, acrilyc on canvas, 2019

The Beginning - 2, 100x100cm, acrilyc on canvas, 2019
Marianna Abramova
Gold - Area 1 - Pittura classica e Scultura

The Beginning - 2, 100x100cm, acrilyc on canvas, 2019

di: Marianna Abramova

OPERA IN CONCORSO PER: Exuperanti Forma 6.0

What is life? What is its purpose? What is love? What is beauty? ... Over the millennia of development and transformations, human being has made many scientific discoveries, began to explore the Cosmos, built a new type of technocratic society in which man himself has less and less space, and the person is faced with new spiritual challenges. For thousands of years human being adamantly tries to find the answers and tries to fit everything into certain schemes and forms, explain everything scientifically and put immense meanings into understandable formulas.
  Humankind carries the cross of its stereotypes, far-fetched theories and its pride.
But true beauty remains an unsolved mystery. The composition is based on the moment of the birth of life as the peak moment of the highest mystery and beauty of nature. The birth process, which seems to be known to everyone, but in reality we don’t know anything about and can only bow before the mighty power and secret of the great beauty of life.

Dossier Biografico di Marianna Abramova

Born in 1979 in Dnepr (Ukraine)
Lives and works in Kyiv
University of Russian Academy of education – painting and graphic department (Moscow,...

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